Although this story takes place in Alaska, it is not a story about Alaska’s stellar beauty. It is the story of an everyday Alaskan couple. Folks who had the desire, and the courage, to remain in a country I considered America’s Siberia, the word frontier ringing in their ears. Everyday projects their chore and their goal. I wanted to write from the viewpoint of a woman who would have had no interest in settling in Alaska if it hadn’t been for the man to whom she was married.  A continental America woman who gave up her family and friend support groups to build a new life. For some, such as me, the building of that new life would include the self-construction of the very home she would live in. 11

Our self-constructed home on the tundra

The endurance and daring of these women contributed greatly to the settling of the Great Land. Because of their resourceful, adaptive ability and spontaneous thinking, they were as much a requirement for survival as the family’s closeted weaponry. The memoir also speaks to the timeworn struggle women all over the world faced.  Equality. In the home and on the job. While embracing our vow to love, honor and obey they nevertheless wrestled with the need to be recognized as individuals. Yearning to be free from cultural and religious convictions they wished to be more than an extension of their husband and his career. 01

To love, honor and obey

Addiction to Alaska has not ended. Neither has the quest to come north and hack out an independent existence. There will be more calls to the wild and more answers. Facts supported by the continuing success of Alaskan authors, and the abundance of Alaska based reality television and their attempt to depict life in the Last Frontier.

Between Two Poles is my story. An honest account capturing the satisfaction as well as the challenges of everyday life.